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Experts from Sichuan Agricultural University make a report at the Sichuan Green Pepper Industry Technology Innovation Conference
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On June 3-4, the Sichuan Green Pepper Industry Technology Innovation Conference was held in Zigong City. Professor Zhang Zhiqing, Deputy Dean of the School of Food Science and Professor Ye Meng of the College of Forestry were invited by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Zigong Municipal Government to participate in the conference and made special topics. report.

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Investigation and Analysis Report on the Chinese Pepper Market and Industry
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From 2014 to 2019, my country’s Zanthoxylum bungeanum industry has entered a period of rapid development, with an area growth of 30%, especially in poverty-stricken areas. The main consumption of Zanthoxylum bungeanum is dry products. At present, due to insufficient development of intensive processing products, the output has become saturated; There is a supply of peppercorns throughout the year. From 2018 to 2019, the purchase price of the origin continued to decline, and the market retail price declined slightly; exports continued to grow, maintaining a trade surplus; it is expected that by 2025, my country’s peppercorn planting scale and output will stabilize, and high-quality peppercorns Products and deep-processed products will increase, household consumption will continue to grow, and exports will maintain a steady growth trend.

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The provincial agricultural standardization demonstration project of Zanthoxylum bungeanum in Quxian County of Dazhou passed the acceptance
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On July 15, an expert group from the Sichuan Provincial Market Supervision Administration conducted an assessment and acceptance of the Zanthoxylum bungeanum provincial agricultural standardization demonstration project in Gongshi Township, Qu County, and the project finally passed the expert group’s assessment and acceptance with an excellent score of 93 points.

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