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Dairy industry trends in September:new products such as alpine ecological milk powder and bubble yogurt were launched; Henan Kedi dairy was fined 600000 yuan; Personnel changes have taken place in xinlaite, miaokerando, etc
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In September, the following developments occurred in the dairy industry:new products such as Wandashan Alpine ecological milk powder and new hope bubble yogurt were launched; Personnel changes of xinlaite and miaokelando; Yili and knight dairy plan to increase the capital of their wholly-owned subsidiaries; Multi party cooperation to promote milk production and pasture construction; He Shilan (China) was fined 20000 yuan for suspected false publicity; Henan Kedi dairy was fined 600000 yuan, and its chairman was banned from the securities market for 10 years; Update the registration list of infant formula dairy manufacturers in New Zealand and the Netherlands in China.

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August dairy industry news:Junlebao, Weiquan and other brands increase the yogurt market; Qinpai Dairy, Feihe and other layout projects; 22 dairy companies announced the first half of the performance
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The dynamics of the dairy industry in August include:Junlebao, Weiquan, Lechun and other brands increase the yogurt market; Qin Brand Dairy, Feihe, Nestlé and other layout projects; 22 listed dairy companies announced the first half of 2021 results; dairy companies and the government Or other enterprises signed agreements to deepen cooperation between enterprises and between enterprises and governments; the review of the reorganization application of the western animal husbandry was suspended; the State Administration of Market Supervision issued the”Detailed Rules for the Review of Dairy Products Production License (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)” and so on.

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[Experts from the Food Safety Commission have something to say] Fresh milk, yogurt, milk powder…Which one is best for me?
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In the contemporary pursuit of health, bone health is an indispensable topic. An authoritative survey report shows that the calcium intake of Chinese residents is seriously insufficient, the proportion of osteoporosis is still high, and the body’s calcium deficiency is a major nutritional problem faced by residents. The economical and nutritious method of scientifically preventing calcium deficiency in the body is of course the first choice to drink milk. However, in the face of a dazzling array of dairy products, which milk should we choose? Is it fresh milk, yogurt, milk powder, milk flakes, or cheese sticks? These foods can all be called dairy products, but each has different characteristics.

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Plant yogurt industry development conference held in Nanjing
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On June 1, 2021, the China Plant Yogurt Industry Development Conference was held in Nanjing (hereinafter referred to as the”Plant Yogurt Industry Conference”). The China Food Industry Association highly recognized the plant yogurt industry prospects, and experts and scholars highly praised the nutritional value and technology of plant yogurt. Breakthrough, the development of China’s plant yogurt industry was pressed the”accelerator”! The convening of the China Plant Yogurt Industry Development Conference pointed out the direction for the development of plant yogurt. In China, plant yogurt is a brand-new industry. The future growth of a new category will inevitably be inseparable from continuous demand growth. Consumer demand can be measured from multiple factors such as target audience size, potential consumption frequency, and consumer group penetration. consider.

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February Dairy News:Yogurt Shangxin seizes the spring market, Zhongdi Dairy, Sanyuan Co., Ltd., etc. make personnel adjustments
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In February, the dairy industry has the following dynamics:Beihai Ranch’s strawberry liquid cheese yogurt, Tianrun Dairy’s cherries free-flavored fermented milk, adopted French-style room temperature yogurt and other new yogurt products are launched to seize the spring market; Zhongdi Dairy, San Yuan shares, Beinmate, Friesland and other companies made personnel adjustments; Yili and Western Animal Husbandry announced relevant acquisition news.

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Is it worth calling the”plant yogurt” of light net red?
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Everyone has drunk yogurt, but in recent years, there have been several products called”vegetable yogurt (vegetarian yogurt)” that have been on a small fire. You can see them in the circle of friends, in the vegetarian circle, and in the fitness circle. . However, there are still many friends who haven’t heard of it, or have heard it but haven’t tasted it, so we decided to call it”light internet celebrity” [meaning some red, but not red enough], and take everyone to reveal this The mysterious veil of a light internet celebrity.

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