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South Korea recalls Wong Lo Kat beverages made in Guangzhou, China that use unapproved ingredients
By: Date: 2021-06-19 Categories: foodwarning Tags: ,

On June 17, Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) announced that the import and sales company of Korean imported food and other food products,”Shinhung Foods Co., Ltd. (Paju City, Gyeonggi-do)” imported and sold”GUANGZHOU UNI-PRESIDENT” in China.”Wang Laoji (Mixed Beverage)” product uses plant-based raw materials that are not approved in food*, and ordered it to stop selling and recall the product.

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A typical case of”Catch of the Yangtze River” by the Market Supervision Bureau of Jingmen City
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The Jingmen Municipal Market Supervision Bureau compiled and exposed some typical cases of the “ban on catching in the Yangtze River” to warn the majority of production and operators to take warning, strictly according to law, and jointly maintain the ecological environment of the Yangtze River.

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Letter from China Food Industry Association on Soliciting Opinions on the Group Standard of”Soy Sauce Paste” (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)
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After application by relevant enterprises in the industry, the Standardization Working Committee of China Food Industry Association initiated the formulation of the”Soy Sauce Paste” group standard in early 2021. After the start of the work, the drafting working group organized and completed the”Soy Sauce Paste” group standard for soliciting comments and compilation instructions in accordance with the standard formulation work procedures, and is now seeking opinions from the industry.

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