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1517.4 pounds! New varieties of high-quality strong gluten wheat from Henan Agricultural University have a good harvest
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On June 7th, at the Xiping Teaching and Research Practice Base of Henan Agricultural University in Zhangyao Village, Erlang Township, Xiping County, Zhumadian City, there was a bumper harvest with billowing wheat billowing and shining.”Yunong 908″, a high-quality strong gluten wheat variety newly cultivated by the research team of researcher Yin Guihong from the College of Agriculture of Henan Agricultural University, is currently undergoing acceptance inspection. Amid the roar of the harvesting machinery, slices of wheat were”collected” into the machine, and soon turned into golden grains and packed into the bag.

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Global wheat market:precipitation is expected to improve, wheat prices fall
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News from May 16th:In the week ending May 14, 2021, most of the global wheat prices fell because the supply and demand report issued by the US Department of Agriculture was relatively empty. The precipitation situation in the winter wheat producing areas of the Great Plains in the United States is expected to improve, which will help winter wheat. For crop growth, the forecast for wheat production in Russia, the number one exporter, has been revised upwards. In addition, rising inflation concerns in the United States may cause the dollar to strengthen, the global new crown epidemic situation is severe, and other agricultural products such as corn and soybeans have fallen across the board, which is also detrimental to wheat prices.

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Progress has been made in the analysis of the genetic basis of wheat spikelet number formation at the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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The Long Hai team, an associate researcher of the Crop Molecular Breeding Project Group of the Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, cooperated with the Wheat Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural University to use wheat 55K SNP chip pair to construct Chuanmai 42 (CM42)/Kechengmai 1 (K1) double single The double haploid population was typed and a high-density genetic map was constructed.

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Global wheat market:weather worries, wheat prices rise
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News from May 9th:In the week ending May 7, 2021, global wheat prices continued to rise due to continued dry weather in the American Great Plains and Canadian prairies, threatening wheat production. The markets for other agricultural products such as corn and soybeans have risen across the board, the US dollar has weakened, and inflationary pressures have become apparent, which has also attracted speculative funds into the market to do more.

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