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Rice male sterile lines”Xiehe a” and”Xianghe a” passed the technical identification
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On October 10, the office of Guangdong crop variety Approval Committee organized experts to identify the three line male sterile lines”Xiehe a” and”Xianghe a” (formerly known as Xianghe a) selected by the rice institute. The appraisal meeting was presided over by Chen Kunchao, researcher of the seed industry department, with Chen Xionghui as the leader of the expert group. Researcher Wang Feng, chief scientist of the hybrid center of the rice institute, led the expert members to inspect the site, and director Liu Wuge reported on the breeding process.

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Experts from Hunan Crop Variety Approval Committee reviewed the sterile line”Lian 1S” on site
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On August 27-28, the Office of the Crop Variety Approval Committee of Hunan Province organized relevant experts to select the two-line sterile rice line”Lian 1S” from Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other units in the breeding base of Xiyangjiang Town, Longhui County and Changsha County. The 1,000-strain population of sterile line and the seed production base in Chunhua Town were inspected separately.

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National key scientific and technological research on improved rice varieties”small-grain sterile rice lines suitable for mechanized seed production” passed on-site evaluation
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On August 15th, the on-site inspection panel of the National Rice Variety Major Scientific and Technological Research”Suitable for Mechanized Seed Production of Small-grained Sterile Rice Lines” hosted by Professor Tang Wenbang of Hunan Agricultural University was held in Shidian County, Baoshan, Yunnan.

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Chinese scientists have developed a”one-step” hybrid seed production technology
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Recently, the “Crop Molecular Breeding Technology and Application Innovation Team” and the “Maize Genetic Improvement and New Variety Breeding Innovation Team”, a major national scientific project on crop genetic resources and genetic improvement of the Institute of Crop Science of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, developed a one-step method using gene editing. The new technologies of nuclear sterile lines and their maintenance lines provide more efficient technical solutions for the third-generation crop hybrid breeding technology. Related research papers were recently published online in the international journal”Molecular Plants”.

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