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Statistical analysis of food soybean prices in the national circulation field in 2021
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China is the origin of soybean, known as the”hometown of soybean”, which is cultivated all over the country. The national soybean price fluctuation is a barometer of the domestic food soybean market. According to the monitoring data of the National Bureau of statistics, the trading data of Dalian futures exchange and Chicago Commodity Futures Exchange, we counted and analyzed the changes of food soybean prices and soybean futures in the national circulation field in 2021.

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The processing technology innovation team of National Soybean Engineering Technology Research Center of Northeast Agricultural University published high-level papers in the international food top journal
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Recently, The soybean processing technology innovation team of Heilongjiang Academy of Green Food Sciences (National Soybean Engineering and Technology Research Center) of Northeast Agricultural University has successively published several high-level papers in the international top food academic journals critical reviews in food science and nutrition (top, if=11.176, zone 1, Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Food & function (zone 2, Chinese Academy of Sciences, if=5.396).

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Global oilseed Market:oilseeds rose in the first week of 2022, and the weather in South America became the focus
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Foreign media news on January 9:for the week ending January 7, 2022, global oilseed prices continued the trend of the previous year and continued to increase the premium of weather risk. La Nina phenomenon led to hot and dry weather in some soybean producing areas in South America, prompting many institutions to significantly reduce the forecast data of soybean production in Brazil.

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Soybean”partnership action” to create a new model for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements
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Recently, it was learned from the 2021 annual work conference of the national soybean industry technology system that in 2021, the major scientific research task team of soybean”grain storage in technology” of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, together with the national soybean industry technology system, implemented the”partnership action” for the transformation of soybean scientific and technological achievements in Heihe City, the main soybean producing area in the north of Northeast China, and created seven thousand mu demonstration fields with an average yield of 250.17 kg per mu, The expected goal of large-scale high yield has been achieved, and the”partnership action” has created a new model for increasing production and efficiency of soybean industry.

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Global oilseed Market:at the end of 2021, there are ups and downs, and the dragon has regrets to fight again in the year of the tiger
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Foreign media news on January 3:in the week ending December 31, 2021, global oilseed prices rose and fell, among which the soybean market fell, because with the start of the new season soybean harvest in Brazil, the competitive pressure faced by American soybeans will intensify. The weak export sales of American beans are also bad for the price. However, Canadian rapeseed prices continued to rise, reaching an all-time high.

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Review of 2021:analysis of global oilseed market by major international institutions
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News on December 28:with the end of 2021, oilseed prices fall from historical highs. The main short-term drivers include the market’s concern about the rapid spread of Omicron mutant strain. There are signs that demand is slowing down as more countries re implement blockades and restrictions on catering services.

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Global oilseed Market:biofuel policy is unfavorable to demand, and oilseed prices rise and fall each other
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Foreign media reported on December 12 that global oilseed prices rose and fell in the week ending December 10, 2021. US soybean export sales are strong, Parts of South America (Southern Brazil and Argentina) due to the La Nina phenomenon, dry weather appeared, which supported soybean prices. However, the U.S. government announced to reduce the mandatory requirements for biodiesel blending in 2020 and 2021, which will limit the demand for soybean oil as biofuel; the prospect of soybean production in South America is still clear, Brazilian soybeans may be listed in advance, and the high price of rapeseed in Canada has begun to rise Slow demand, which has a negative impact on oilseed prices. The USDA’s December supply and demand report released this week has a neutral impact on the market.

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