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Experts from Rice Research Institute actively integrate into Rural Revitalization to promote the in-depth development of rice industry
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At the beginning of the new year, Associate Professor Zhu Jun, director of the industrial technology research center of the Rice Research Institute, and his delegation rushed to Xuyong Town, Shuiwei Town, Xuyong county and other mountains in southern Sichuan to conduct field investigation and technical guidance for terrace rice production and rice processing enterprises.

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The 5th Vietnam rice Festival:sustainable agriculture helps farmers develop
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On the evening of January 7, the Vietnamese farmers’ Association, the Ministry of agriculture and rural development and the people’s Committee of Yonglong Province jointly held the opening ceremony of the fifth Vietnamese rice festival in 2021 entitled”sustainable agriculture helps farmers’ development” in Yonglong city.

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Wuhu Nanling County market supervision and administration took many measures to promote the high-quality development of rice processing enterprises
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The market supervision and Administration Bureau of Nanling County, Wuhu City takes multiple measures at the same time, adheres to the principles of safety first, market leading, government promotion, standard guidance, demonstration creation and social co governance, focuses on high-quality development, actively builds the provincial rice quality and safety demonstration industry, comprehensively improves the overall quality and safety level of Nanling County’s rice industry, and continuously enhances the people’s sense of security, gain Happiness.

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Hunan Science and technology major special project”research and application of hybrid seawater rice” passed the acceptance
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On December 29, 2021, the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province organized relevant experts from Hunan Agricultural University, Department of agriculture and rural areas of Hunan Province, hemp Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hunan Normal University and Hunan seed management service station to accept the”hybrid seawater rice research and application” project (2018nk1010) led by the hybrid rice research center of Hunan Academy of science and technology. The meeting was presided over by Zhang literature researcher of the supervision and integrity department of Hunan Provincial Department of science and technology.

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