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Customs announced a batch of typical cases of intellectual property infringement
By: Date: 2021-07-20 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

The General Administration of Customs has announced a number of typical cases of infringement of intellectual property rights, involving equal protection of domestic and foreign rights holders’ trademark exclusive rights, Olympic logo exclusive rights and other intellectual property rights, covering consumer goods such as food, cosmetics, clothing, cigarettes, glasses, and freight , Cross-border e-commerce, postal and other key channels.

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“Operation Longteng” escorted”Zhenjiang Fragrant Vinegar” to sea
By: Date: 2021-04-28 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,

Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar industry has a long history and is a key traditional classic industry in Zhenjiang. It has become a beautiful city business card. At present, Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar is exported to 64 countries and regions and provides more than 200 envoys from more than 150 countries and regions. Museum use.”The export volume of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar continues to grow. Last year it exported 8,500 tons, which is several times that of ten years ago.” said Sun Chunsong, a member of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Hengshun Group. Due to the unique status and famous brand effect of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar and the huge profits brought by market demand at home and abroad, various counterfeiting activities have been repeatedly banned, seriously infringing on the intellectual property rights of the collective trademark of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a symposium on strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights in the seed industry
By: Date: 2021-04-10 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

A few days ago, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs held a symposium on strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights in the seed industry. Heads and experts from relevant departments of the Supreme People’s Court, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Intellectual Property Office and local seed industry management departments, scientific research institutions and seed industry enterprises participated.

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Shiyan City Market Supervision Bureau successfully mediated a dispute over the design patent of”fruit packing box”
By: Date: 2021-03-10 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

Mr. Li from Huaxi Farmer’s Market in Shiyan City, because his mother, Ms. Luo’s fruit packaging box design was counterfeited by others, at the end of January, Mr. Li filed a patent infringement dispute mediation request with Shiyan City Market Supervision Bureau. After mediation by the Municipal Bureau, 2 At the beginning of the month, the two sides reached a settlement. This is the first patent infringement complaint handled by Shiyan City since the People’s Mediation Committee for Intellectual Property Disputes was established.

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Zhuzhou investigated and dealt with a case of counterfeit trademark infringement
By: Date: 2021-01-18 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

Recently, the market supervision department of Zhuzhou Economic Development Zone received a complaint from the owner of the”Yihetang” trademark (Wuhan Yihuiyin Technology Co., Ltd.), stating that a milk tea shop in Zhihui Road, Yunlong Demonstration Zone, was in the shop without his authorization. Signboards, store advertisements, and product packaging use trademarks that are the same as or similar to the registered trademark of”Yihetang”, which is suspected of infringing on the exclusive right of the registered trademark and requesting the market supervision department to investigate and deal with it.

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