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The second Hubei potato industry seminar was held in Huazhong Agricultural University
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On October 18, the second Hubei potato industry seminar and the annual summary meeting of Hubei modern agricultural industrial technology system were held in Huazhong Agricultural University. The meeting was jointly organized by the provincial agricultural technology extension station and Huazhong Agricultural University. Xiao Changxi, deputy director of the Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. A total of 46 representatives from colleges and universities, scientific research and extension units related to the potato industry in the province attended the meeting.

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Wang Qi:build a”Chinese wine” brand and strengthen and expand China’s wine industry
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On October 13, the 2021 China wine leading enterprises summit hosted by China Wine Association and hosted by COFCO Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Great Wall Sanggan winery. Wang Qi, executive director of China Wine Industry Association, had in-depth exchanges and discussions with leaders of leading enterprises on industrial development advantages, current situation of industrial problems and future development suggestions.

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Study on the integrated development path of tropical fruit industry and ecotourism in Guangxi
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“Ecotourism” was first proposed by the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in 1983. It is defined as a tourism activity with the dual objectives of protecting the natural environment and maintaining the life of local people. With the rapid development of tourism and the continuous promotion of the concept of ecological civilization construction, ecotourism research has also made remarkable progress. The research on the integrated development of fruit industry and ecotourism is still very few. Through the analysis of the development status of tropical fruit industry in Guangxi, the author intends to explore the condition maturity and development path of fruit industry ecotourism integration in Guangxi, in order to provide reference for the development of fruit industry in Guangxi.

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The T5 summit of China’s beer industry in 2021 was successfully held in Shanghai
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On September 27, the 2021 T5 summit of China’s beer industry, sponsored by China Wine Association and co sponsored by Tsingtao Beer Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Shanghai. Song Shuyu, chairman of China Wine Association, Wang Yancai, honorary chairman of China Wine Association, He Yong, Secretary General of China Wine Association and chairman of beer branch, and Secretary General of beer branch of China Wine Association attended the meeting in January.

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Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration of the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Tea Industry (Nong Chan Fa [2021] No. 3)
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The tea industry is an important civilian industry related to the people’s good life, and it is of great significance to consolidate and expand the results of poverty alleviation, promote the revitalization of rural industries, and promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture. In recent years, my country’s tea industry has developed rapidly, with its output and total consumption ranking first in the world. However, there are outstanding problems such as disorderly expansion in some areas, insufficient development and utilization of tea products, weak technological innovation capabilities, and insufficient cultural connotation, which need to be strengthened. Guide and increase support to promote the healthy development of the tea industry. The following opinions are hereby made.

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Notice of Yinchuan Municipal Administration of Market Supervision on Printing and Distributing the”Work Implementation Plan for the Standardization Service System for the High-quality Development of the Wine Industry in Yinchuan 2021″
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In order to implement the overall requirements and various decision-making arrangements for the high-quality development of the wine industry by the autonomous region’s party committee, government, Yinchuan municipal party committee and government, further clarify responsibilities and implement tasks, and coordinate the development of the city’s high-quality development of the wine industry’s standardized service system In accordance with the work arrangement of”Members of the Leading Group for the High-quality Development of Yinchuan Wine Industry and the Division of Tasks” (Yinchuan Wine Office [2021] No. 1), the”Yinchuan Wine 2021″ was formulated after consulting member units and based on actual conditions. Implementation Plan for the Standardized Service System for the High-Quality Development of the Industry.

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China Edible Fungus Association Holds 2021 Flammulina velutipes Industry Development Symposium
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On July 5, 2021, the China Edible Fungus Association held a symposium on the development of the Flammulina velutipes industry in Beijing. Representatives and experts of the participating companies conducted in-depth discussions on industrial development and industry self-discipline, and formed the 2021 industry self-discipline convention.

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Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences held a press conference on overcoming the”big and small years” industrial technology plan of mid- and late-maturing lychee varieties
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In order to implement the deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on promoting the high-quality development of the litchi industry in Guangdong, and conduct joint research on overcoming the industrial technical problems of mid- and late-maturing high-quality varieties of litchi, the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences conducted a joint research project on the afternoon of June 21. Quality Guangzhou Litchi Nursery held a press conference for overcoming the industrial technology plan of mid- and late-maturing varieties of litchi.

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