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Taizhou Market Supervision Bureau and Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce interviewed the third-party platform of online catering
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On April 24, Taizhou Municipal Bureau of market supervision and Taizhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce jointly held a video conference to interview the third-party platforms of online catering services such as meituan and hungry, urge enterprises to implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control and food safety management, strengthen the epidemic prevention and control management of takeout distribution personnel, and ensure public food safety and health.

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Delete”complex” and simplify! Help food operators ignite the”fireworks” of returning to work
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At present, the food business is returning to work in an orderly manner. In order to help food operators solve difficulties and meet the needs of citizens’ daily life, the Shanghai municipal market supervision department recently issued the notice of Shanghai municipal market supervision and administration on doing a good job in the food safety work of returning to work in Shanghai, which provides licensing facilities for returning to work food enterprises, guides enterprises to reasonably clear their inventories and return to work quickly, helps enterprises implement the main responsibility of epidemic prevention and control, and ignites the smoke and fire of returning to work.

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