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The team of Professor Lin Lin from Jiangsu University published the latest research results in the Top journal Advanced Science
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Recently, the team of Professor Lin Lin from the School of Food and Biological Engineering of Jiangsu University published the latest research results in the internationally renowned academic journal Advanced Science (IF=16.8). The paper was completed by the School of Food and Biological Engineering of Jiangsu University as the first unit, and jointly completed by domestic and foreign universities such as Sichuan Agricultural University and the University of Helsinki in Finland.

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The fruit quality biology team of Zhejiang University Agricultural College reviewed the anti-diabetic activities of natural antioxidants in fruits in top international food journals
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In August 2020, Professor Li Xian, Professor Sun Chongde of Zhejiang University and others published a review paper entitled”Anti-diabetic effects of natural antioxidants from fruits” in Trends in Food Science & Technology. They proposed the natural antioxidants in fruits. Antioxidants are a good source of anti-diabetic nutrients. Professor Li Xian is the corresponding author of the paper, and Professor Sun Chongde and PhD student Liu Yilong are the co-first authors.

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Longevity? Cure all diseases? Camel milk cowhide blown out
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A reporter from China Consumer News found on the Internet that an article entitled”Long-term drinking of camel milk is a secret of longevity” stated:”Xinjiang has neither the green mountains and green waters of the Central Plains nor the first-tier cities with complete medical facilities. But this is the case There are so many centenarians in the land! These centenarians are different from the elderly in other regions except for their natural diet. The only difference is that they have been drinking a magical drink unique to the locals for decades-camel Milk!” Lu Donglin, Honorary Chairman of Xinjiang Dairy Association and senior animal husbandry pointed out, the article claims that people who drink camel milk can live a long life is a far-fetched association. Drinking camel milk can enhance the body’s immunity, but it is not necessarily related to longevity.

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