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Notice on soliciting opinions on the local standard of Anhui Province for”Geographical Indication Product Yellow Lake Hairy Crab”
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According to the requirements of the Anhui Province Standardization System Construction and Development Plan of Anhui Province (2016-2020) (Wanzhengban [2016] No. 38), Susong Fishery Association, Susong Fisheries Technology Promotion Center, Susong The”Geographical Indication Product Yellow Lake Hairy Crab” prepared by the County Market Supervision Administration, Susong County Agriculture and Rural Bureau and other units has formed a draft for comments. Please submit comments and fill out the”Anhui Provincial Local Standards Solicitation Form” before August 14, 2020, and give feedback to the contact person. If you do not reply within the time limit, you will be deemed to have no objection.

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