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Measurement of dairy cow performance in 2020
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As a very important basic work in the genetic improvement of dairy cows, the performance measurement of dairy cows directly affects the overall level of genetic improvement of the population. In 2020, there will be 39 laboratories nationwide that carry out the measurement of dairy cow production performance, distributed in 24 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), and the scope of measurement will cover the whole country. The number of dairy cows tested nationwide was 1.295 million, and the average milk volume of each tested cow was 305 kg more than that of the previous year. The number of somatic cells was 239,000 cells/mL, the milk fat rate was 3.92%, and the milk protein rate was 3.36%. Efficiency, quality and efficiency improvement, and cost-saving and efficiency-saving played an important role.

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The Romanian government approved 1.1415 euros for supporting animal husbandry development funds
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The Romanian News Agency reported on the 17th that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued a communiqué. The Romanian government passed the maximum funding limit for supporting the development of animal husbandry in 2020. The total amount is equivalent to 114.15 million euros. Beef cattle were 13.125 million euros, dairy cows were 99.342 million euros, and silkworms were 27,000 euros.

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