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Yamin Agriculture and Animal Husbandry:Green Circulation Feeding of Beef Cattle Breaks New Road
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Nanyang City, Henan Province Yamin Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company (hereinafter referred to as Yamin Agriculture and Animal Husbandry or company) started in 2008 on a 50-head Yufei high-quality beef cattle farm. Now there are 1,000 high-quality beef cattle in stock, with an annual output of 1,500 and an annual output value of 30 million. Yuan, 1,200 acres of local transfer land, 20,000 acres of pasture farms leased in Inner Mongolia, explored an integrated green cycle of straw collection and storage, beef cattle breeding, biogas production, bisporus mushroom cultivation, earthworm breeding, organic fertilizer production, soil improvement, and the integration of planting and breeding The road to efficient development.

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