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Global feed Market:the sown area of corn in the United States is far lower than expected, laying the tone of the weather city
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Foreign media news on April 3:as of the week of April 1, 2022, global feed prices fell, mainly due to the sharp decline in international crude oil futures, weak US corn export sales and optimistic prospects for Brazilian corn production. However, the corn planting area announced by the U.S. Department of agriculture was far lower than expected, and the situation in Russia and Ukraine was still worrying, which restricted the decline of feed prices.

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The National Agricultural Technology Center will discuss the corn production situation and technical scheme in 2022 online
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At present, the Spring Maize in the Southwest has begun to be sown, and the northeast and northwest will be ready for spring cultivation. In order to strengthen the analysis and judgment of this year’s corn production situation and discuss the development path of consolidating the improvement of corn production capacity, on March 24, the National Agricultural Technology Center and the corn expert steering group of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas carried out the analysis and technical consultation of corn production situation in 2022. LV Xiutao, deputy director of the planting management department of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, presided over by Wang Jijun, chief agronomist of the National Agricultural Technology Center.

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Corn production in South Africa is expected to decline by 10%in 2021/22
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According to the South African news 24-hour website reported on March 28, the South African official crop estimation Committee (CEC) said on the summer crop production forecast that the corn production in South Africa in 2021/22 will be reduced by 10%compared with the previous year, and the corn harvest in 2022 will be about 14.684 million tons, lower than 16.315 million tons in the previous year.

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The Institute of biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has completed the spatial distribution map of the maximum threshold distance of maize gene drift in China
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Recently, the gene safety evaluation and detection innovation team of the Institute of biotechnology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, in cooperation with Nanjing University of information engineering, completed the research on the maximum threshold distance and temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of maize gene drift, providing an important reference for the risk control of genetically modified maize gene drift. The relevant results were published in evolutionary applications.

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Technical suggestions on strip compound planting of soybean and Maize in Southwest China in 2022
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Southwest China is the production area with the most concentrated belt planting of soybean and Maize in China. The annual promotion area accounts for about 1/3 of the country, and it is about to enter the soybean sowing period. In order to improve the standardized, efficient and standardized application level of compound planting technology, and adhere to the technical route of”selecting improved varieties, cultivating strong seedlings, reasonable proportion, appropriate dense planting, reducing height, controlling prosperity and harvesting in an appropriate period”, the technical opinions on strip compound planting of soybean and Maize in Southwest China in 2022 were formulated.

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Analysis of corn production situation in Heilongjiang Province in 2022 and suggestions for spring ploughing production
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Corn is one of the three major food crops in the world. It is also a cereal crop with the widest planting range and the highest yield per unit area. As an important area of grain production in China, Heilongjiang Province ranks first in terms of corn planting area, yield and commercialization rate, which is an important guarantee for being a good national grain”ballast stone”. Recently, according to the deployment of the Provincial Department of agriculture and rural areas, the collaborative innovation and promotion system of corn industry in Heilongjiang Province organized experts to investigate the situation of corn industry in our province in 2022, which is summarized as follows.

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Global feed Market:Russia and Ukraine talk while playing, and the feed risk premium is reduced
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Foreign media news on March 20:as of the week of March 17, 2022, global feed prices fell, and the market paid close attention to the progress of Russia Ukraine peace talks, because it determines how quickly the exports of the Black Sea, the world’s main grain export area, can recover. Due to the fierce competition for spring sowing farmland in the northern hemisphere, the export sales of corn in the United States are strong, which continues to provide support for corn prices.

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The maize team of Huazhong Agricultural University has made important progress in the study of apparent regulation of maize grain development
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Recently, genome biology online published a research paper entitled”DNA demethylation effects impacted gene expression in maize endosperm” by the corn team of Huazhong Agricultural University. This study revealed the biological function and related mechanism of DNA demethylase affecting the expression of genes related to grain development, which provided important theoretical support for the genetic improvement of maize grain yield.

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