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The trademark of Fujian Food Industry Association Group Standard”Red Yeast Brewing Cooking Wine” was passed
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Recently, according to the Fujian Provincial Food Industry Association, Fujian’s Traditional Brewing Industry Technology Development Base, Fujian’s Jian’ou Huanghuashan Brewing Co., Ltd., Fujian Huizelong Wine Co., Ltd., Fujian Fulao Wine Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Min Tian Food Industrial Park Co., Ltd., Longyan Shenju Winery Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Xinglian Brewing Co., Ltd., Fuzhou Changquan Wine Co., Ltd., Fujian Jibainian Food Co., Ltd., Fuzhou University Food Science and Technology Institute, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Food The red koji brewing cooking wine graphic trademark designed by the Fujian Food Industry Association’s group standard”red koji brewing cooking wine” jointly drafted by the Academy of Sciences and other units was officially approved by the State Intellectual Property Office.

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The second grain brewing cooking wine gold award product selection was held in Luzhou
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Cooking wine is indispensable for cooking food in daily life. Faced with a dazzling array of cooking wine products, how do consumers choose high-quality grain-based cooking wine? On October 29th, the 15th China International Liquor Industry Expo was held in Luzhou at the same time as the second grain brewing cooking wine gold award product selection.

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