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The first local workstation of China Condiment Association was unveiled and established
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On June 18, 2021, the Hubei Workstation of China Condiment Association was unveiled and established in Wuhan. Bai Yan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Condiments Association, Chen Ping, Deputy Director of Planning and Technological Transformation Division of Hubei Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology, Huang Bo, Vice President of Hubei Provincial Poverty Alleviation and Development Association, Supervisor of Hubei Provincial Culinary and Hotel Industry Association , Liu Guoliang, Chairman of Wuhan Xiaolan Whale Hotel Management Co., Ltd., Tan Yinggang, President of Hubei Condiment Association, Secretary-General Gu Hui and other guests, as well as more than 50 corporate representatives from condiments and upstream and downstream witnessed. At the same time, content sharing including keynote speeches on industry development and analysis of the formulation and revision of industry standards were conducted on the spot.

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Bai Yan, executive vice president and secretary-general of China Seasoning Association, was invited to attend the inaugural meeting of Shandong Seasoning Food Association
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On March 19, 2021, the inaugural meeting of Shandong Seasoning Food Association was held in Jinan. Bai Yan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Condiment Association, Sun Ping, Director of the Comprehensive Division of the Social Organization Management Bureau of the Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province, Liu Huiyou, a second-level investigator of the Consumer Goods Industry Division of the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shandong Province, Service Trade and Commerce of the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province Wei Wensheng, Level 4 Investigator of the Development Division, Wang Ling, Director of the Food Production Supervision Division of the Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, Wang Shimin, the former director of the Shandong Food Industry Office, Zheng Baoxi, the former deputy director of the Jinan Economic and Information Commission, and Li Chengxin, the chairman of the Jinan Food Industry Association More than a hundred people, including leaders and entrepreneurs in the condiment industry, gathered together to witness this important historical moment.

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Ensuring the supply of people’s livelihood products, condiment companies will start construction, expansion and start-ups in 2021
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In 2021, Sichuan Tianwei, Yihai Kerry, Lao Henghe, Shanghai Baoding, Aichuyi, Zhongjing Foods, Jinping Industrial Enterprises, etc. have invested in construction and expansion, and the condiment industry has ushered in a new year and new atmosphere; Hengshun Vinegar Enterprises such as Haitian Flavour Industry, Lee Kum Kee, Angel Yeast, Yihai Kerry, Dongguan Yongyi, Hunan Dragon Brand, Tianjin Limin, etc. have interacted with consumers and started to prosper, and the people have a good taste.

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The newly planned production capacity of condiments has exceeded 3 million tons
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In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the condiment industry has also developed rapidly. The broad market space and development prospects have attracted many companies to further increase investment in condiments. The Big Data Information Center of China Condiment Association collected and sorted out some enterprise capacity planning information and conducted preliminary analysis.

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A number of institutions strongly predict that grain will rise in 2021, and the cost of raw materials in the condiment industry is under pressure
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At the beginning of 2021, prices of major food categories such as soybeans, wheat, and corn, on the basis of their highs in 2020, have a further upward trend, which has aroused widespread concern among condiment manufacturers that use these products as their main raw materials.

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“Across the Ocean” Spreading”Chinese Taste” Condiment Exports in Guangzhou Customs Area Increased Significantly
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Recently, a batch of 116 tons of condiments weighing US$200,000 worth US$200,000 departed from the Pearl River Wharf in Gaoming District after passing the comprehensive assessment by the Foshan Customs Office in Gaoming, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Customs.”Overseas” spreads”Chinese flavor”.

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Condiments:a hundred billion business that grabs taste buds
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In 2020, condiments, small home appliances, and online food brands will be among the hottest tracks in the three major consumer industries. Behind the 334.5 billion market, what is the market pattern of condiments in 2020? Composite condiment track, beacon is back, what opportunities are there for venture capital? As a channel-driven fast-moving consumer goods, what new characteristics will its channels and supply chain present? Tsing Tong Capital continues to pay attention to the big consumption track and has helped 50+ projects complete financing. We discussed with 100+ large consumer investors and 120+ founders, trying to uncover the”opportunities” and”changes” behind the condiment track.

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