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Qianjiang Market Supervision Bureau launched the work of improving the quality of standards and compliance with relevant enterprises in the shrimp and rice industry chain in the city
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In order to implement the relevant work of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau’s”Notice on Carrying out the Action Plan for Quality Improvement of Benchmarking” (E City Supervision Office Standard [2021] No. 1), according to the”Qianjiang City Market Supervision Administration’s 2021 benchmarking According to the deployment requirements of the”Implementation Plan for the Special Action for Quality Improvement”, recently, Director Li Xiang of the Provincial Institute of Standards and Quality and the staff of the Standardization Section (Institute) of the Municipal Bureau went to relevant enterprises in the Qianjiang Shrimp and Rice Industry Chain to carry out benchmarking and quality improvement work.

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Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau notice on the situation of 2 batches of food that do not meet the food safety standards (〔2020〕No. 15)
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Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau in the recently organized and carried out 2020 provincial food safety supervision and random inspection tasks, detected 2 batches of food that did not meet the food safety standards.

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