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The expert group of the Infant Complementary Food Professional Committee participated in the Qingdao Organic Product Symposium and Research Activity
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On April 27th, the expert group of the Infant Complementary Food Professional Committee of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association was invited to participate in the Qingdao Symposium on Infant Organic Products and to carry out research activities. Bian Zhenjia, President of China Nutrition and Health Food Association, Li Liangqiu, Executive Vice President, and Special Committee Experts Yin Shian and Jia Mei and Wang Weijie, the preparatory leader of the Association’s Organic Products Professional Committee, participated in the event.

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Interpretation-Complementary Foods for Infants and Young Children and Nutritional Supplements
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There are a wide range of products on the market that are suitable for infants and young children, which can be divided into two categories:one is ordinary food, and the other is special dietary food. Food Partners.com conducted a survey of more than 20 manufacturers/brands specializing in infant foods currently circulating in the domestic market and found that ordinary foods accounted for 26%, while special dietary foods accounted for 74%.

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