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Can eating noodles”lower sugar”? Let’s take a look at the top ten typical cases of consumer rights protection in Gongshu District, Hangzhou in 2020!
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In 2020, the Hangzhou Gongshu market supervision system received a total of 20,595 complaints and reports (including consultations and other reports), which is an increase of 2,567 cases compared with 18,028 in 2019, and a year-on-year increase of 14%. On the occasion of the”315 International Consumer Rights Protection Day”, let us review and count the top ten consumer rights protection cases in Gongshu District in 2020. Food cases are as follows:

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Liuzhou City Announces 2020″Top Ten Typical Cases of Consumer Rights Protection”
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In order to further promote the city’s consumption rights protection law enforcement and create a good environment for honest operation and safe consumption, Liuzhou City Market Supervision Bureau and Liuzhou City Consumer Committee organized the selection of”Top Ten Typical Cases of Consumer Rights Protection in Liuzhou Market Supervision System in 2020″. From the 48 cases of the city’s market supervision system participating in the evaluation, 10 cases that are representative, typical, group, and influential are comprehensively evaluated as the”Top Ten Typical Cases of Consumer Rights Protection” in 2020.

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Complaints for operating expired food, merchants are fined for two losses
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Recently, the Bijie City Consumers Association has selected ten typical consumer rights protection cases that occurred in 2020. The cases involve prepayment consumption, education and training, automobile consumption, intermediary services, safety, food, dry cleaning and other consumption fields. The market supervision department and the staff of the Consumers Association successfully mediate. It is hereby announced, hoping to enlighten consumers.

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Xin’an Office of the Market Supervision Bureau of Lu’an Yu’an District handled an alcohol consumption complaint in time
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On February 18, 2021 (the seventh day of the first month of the lunar calendar), the first day of work after the holiday, Lu’an Yu’an District Market Supervision Administration Xin’an Market Supervision and Administration Office received a complaint. The complainant, Mr. Xu, reported to Evergrande Yujingwan A certain brand of Dongzang Baijiu purchased in a supermarket had quality problems. It said that after drinking it, it was suspected to be a fake liquor and requested investigation. After receiving the complaint, Xin’an Office attached great importance to it and immediately contacted the staff of the brand liquor manufacturer responsible for counterfeiting, and agreed with the complainant to conduct on-site appraisal the next morning.

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Thai Food and Drug Administration reiterates regulations on food advertising
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On January 31, 2021, the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand reaffirmed the regulations on food advertising (including promotion during live broadcast on the platform). Food advertisements must be applied through the electronic submission system (the electronic submission system is approved within 8 working days) and approved by the bureau. Violators will be punished by law.

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Sichuan Nanjiang County Market Supervision Bureau successfully handled a complaint of pork parasites
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Recently, the Nanjiang County Market Supervision Bureau of Sichuan received a complaint. Some people claimed that on December 8, 2020, she bought 6,000 yuan of pork from the pork stall on the second floor of the Hongsimen Farmers’ Market. Later, she discovered that the pork contained parasites during the period of consumption. Worms, require treatment.

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From January to November, Kunming market supervision department investigated and handled 1,830 illegal cases in the field of market circulation
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On December 21, an interview event organized by the Cyberspace Administration of Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and undertaken by the Yunnan Legal Network, went to the Kunming Municipal Market Supervision Administration. The reporter learned that since the start of the special struggle, Kunming’s market supervision departments at all levels have accepted and concluded 301 clues, accepted and concluded 251 “three books and one letter” letters, and revoked 21 business licenses due to crimes and crimes, and qualified for the position. Restricted 3,145 person-times and assisted judicial organs to freeze equity of 130.3 billion yuan. From January to November 2020, the city’s market supervision departments at all levels investigated and handled 1830 illegal cases in the market circulation field, with a fine of 47.336 million yuan.

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Gansu Gannan State Market Supervision Bureau investigated and dealt with a trademark infringement case
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Recently, the Gannan State Market Supervision Bureau investigated and punished the “Niu Er Niu” trademark infringement case according to the complaint clues of trademark registrants, protecting the legal rights and interests of trademark registrants and effectively maintaining the market economic order.

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