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[Cover Article] AEM:Professor Xu Zhenghong’s team reported on the evolution mode and driving factors of the pit mud flora under the influence of long-term wine production
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Recently, the team of Professor Xu Zhenghong from the School of Bioengineering of Jiangnan University has made important progress in the driving force of the microbial community structure and function evolution of Luzhou-flavor liquor pit mud. The research results were officially published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology (IF=4.792) and were selected as Cover paper of the current issue.

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Professor Zhai Bingnian’s research team of”Arid soil fertilization and efficient fertilization” research and innovation team of the School of Resources and Environmental Sciences of Northwest A&F University has made new progress in the field of soil aggregate microorganisms in apple orchards
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On March 19, Professor Zhai Bingnian, a research and innovation team of the”Dry Land Soil Fertilization and Efficient Fertilization” of the School of Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University, published a paper in”Soil Biology and Biochemistry”, discussing dryland apples under the condition of long-term grass mulch combined with fertilization Research progress on the construction of microbial community in garden soil aggregates.

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The State Administration of Market Supervision made administrative penalties on five community group buying companies for improper price behavior, answering reporters’ questions
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In recent years, the status of the Internet economy in my country’s national economy and society has significantly improved, becoming an important engine for promoting economic development and an important starting point for improving people’s livelihood. It has played an active role in responding to the impact of the epidemic, improving shopping experience, and improving the structure of the supply chain. effect. However, as major Internet platform companies enter the community group buying market in large numbers, problems such as irregular order and illegal operations have become increasingly apparent, causing great concern from all walks of life.

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The agricultural microbial resources team has made important progress in the stable maintenance mechanism of the soil microbial community structure
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Recently, the top journal in the field of microbiology”Microbiome” (IF=12.16) published online the latest research results of the agricultural microbial resource team on the specialized metabolic functions of keystone taxa sustain soil microbiome stability (Specialized metabolic functions of keystone taxa sustain soil microbiome stability).

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Jilin Provincial Animal Husbandry Administration Circular on Accelerating the Construction, Evaluation and Certification of African Swine Fever Epidemic-Free Communities
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In order to deeply implement the”Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of African Swine Fever” (Guobanfa [2019] No. 31) and the”Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Stabilizing Pig Production and Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading” (Guobanfa [2019] No. 44) spirit, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, actively carry out the regular control and regional management of African swine fever, creatively implement the key tasks of the provincial government, the provincial bureau decided to start the construction and evaluation of African swine fever free areas The certification work is hereby notified as follows.

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Are takeaway packaging materials and”live delivery” food safe?
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The Supreme People’s Procuratorate of China held a special supervision activity of the national prosecution organ “Protection of Public Welfare Litigation for a Better Life” on 29th to mobilize and deploy video and telephone conferences. Special supervision activities. Among them, the new online sales formats such as takeout packaging material safety, “Internet celebrity endorsement” and “live streaming with goods”, etc. involving food safety and regulatory loopholes are also among the focus of this event.

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