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note! Microbial contamination detected in these 4 batches of unqualified food in Jiangxi
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Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration released the information on food safety random inspection in the 31st period of 2020, and organized food safety supervision and random inspection of 188 batches of samples of edible oils and fats and their products, edible agricultural products, catering food, and beverages. A total of 4 batches of unqualified products for catering food and beverages involved microbial contamination. Among them, 2 batches of catering food failed and 2 batches of beverage failed.

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Shaanxi reported that these 5 batches of unqualified foods involved issues such as substandard quality and microbial contamination
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On July 3, the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration notified that the bureau had recently conducted 123 batches of food safety supervision and random inspections on four types of foods including pastries, roasted foods and nut products, edible agricultural products and condiments, of which 5 batches The sample is unqualified, and problems such as substandard quality and microbial contamination are detected.

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