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Announcement of the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision Administration on the completion of the food safety supervision and random inspection of 2 batches of unqualified food risk control and verification and disposal
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According to the food safety supervision and random inspection, 2 batches of food produced by Hunan Keer Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in our city are unqualified:Yi Duoyuan seaweed high calcium composite powder (identified production date is 2020-06-05, specification model is 120g (4g*30) )/Box, lot number is 882006013), the vitamin D project does not meet the requirements of national food safety standards.

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The rape team of Huazhong Agricultural University has made progress in the research of rape oil synthesis
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On October 13, the rape team from Huazhong Agricultural University published online research results entitled”Development and screening of EMS mutants with altered seed oil content or fatty acid composition in Brassica napus” in The Plant Journal. The study created a large-scale rapeseed mutant library through EMS, screened and identified a batch of rapeseed oil content and fatty acid composition mutants, and provided valuable genetic resources for rapeseed functional genomics research and genetic improvement.

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