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Fang Jinbao’s team from Zhengzhou Institute of Fruit Research, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences has made new progress in the study of kiwifruit cold resistance
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Low temperature is one of the important abiotic stresses. In recent years, the frequent extreme low temperature weather has seriously affected the growth and production of kiwifruit. Recently, the kiwifruit resources and breeding team of Zhengzhou Fruit Research Institute made new progress in the study of kiwifruit cold tolerance, clarifying the molecular mechanism of kiwifruit AaBAM3.1 gene and AaCBF4 interacting to regulate kiwifruit cold tolerance, and published an online title in Horticulture Research”The AaCBF4-AaBAM3.1 module enhances freezing tolerance in kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta)” article.

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