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Investigation and Analysis Report on my country’s Coffee Market and Industry
By: Date: 2021-04-14 Categories: industrynews Tags: ,

Yunnan coffee occupies more than 99%of the country’s coffee production area, most of which are sold and exported in the form of green coffee beans. At the same time, my country imports a large number of cooked coffee beans from abroad for consumption every year. At present, the main problems hindering the development of my country’s coffee industry are backward varieties, inconsistent standards, low degree of organization, and backward processing technology. On the basis of optimizing the industrial layout, we should select good varieties, improve the coffee standard system, and carry out intensive processing. The development opportunities of the”Belt and Road” are integrated and developed with the tourism industry to expand the development space.

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Innovative technology for perfect coffee
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October 15, 2020-Ludwigshafen, Germany-trinamiX, ​​a wholly-owned subsidiary of BASF Europe, is now expected to assist coffee roasters in efficiently monitoring coffee bean procurement and roasting processing. Many factors, such as the variety, planting area, quality grade, storage, transportation and processing steps of coffee beans, will affect the roasting effect of coffee beans and ultimately determine the taste of coffee. Among them, the water content and caffeine content of coffee beans are particularly critical, and the trinamiX portable near infrared (NIR) spectrometer solution can be used to quickly and conveniently determine the content.

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Brazil’s estimated production of coffee beans in 2020 is 61.62 million bags
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Reuters reported on September 22 that the Brazilian Agricultural Supply Company (Conab) predicted on the 22nd that Brazil’s estimated output of coffee beans in 2020 was 61.62 million bags (60 kg per bag), a significant increase from the estimated output of 49.3 million bags in 2019. Slightly lower than the 2018 estimated production of 61.66 million bags, which set a record. Among them, the output of Arabica coffee beans is estimated at 47.37 million bags, and the output of Robusta coffee beans is estimated at 14.25 million bags.

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