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Professor Ma Zhonghua’s team from Zhejiang University College of Agriculture published a paper on Nature Communications to reveal the new mechanism of Fusarium graminearum in regulating nitrification stress
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On May 6, 2021, Professor Ma Zhonghua’s team from Zhejiang University’s School of Agriculture and Biotechnology published a research paper entitled”Interplay of two transcription factors for recruitment of the chromatin remodeling complex modulates fungal nitrosative stress” in Nature Communications, revealing The new mechanism of Fusarium head blight in regulating nitrification stress is helpful to understand the molecular mechanism of plant fungi in response to external

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The polyploid team of Nanjing Agricultural University reveals the secrets of polyploid crops with extensive adaptability
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Recently, the polyploid team of Nanjing Agricultural University published a research article on PNAS entitled”DNA hypomethylation in tetraploid rice potentiates stress-responsive gene expression for salt tolerance”, revealing genome polyploidy from DNA methylation and transcription levels How to enhance the adaptability of rice in salt stress environment.

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Research Institute of Crops Reveals Physiological and Molecular Mechanisms of Combined Drought and Chilling Stress
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Recently, the Farming and Ecological Innovation Team of the Institute of Crop Science of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences revealed the photosynthetic physiology, metabolism and molecular mechanism of drought alleviating the damage caused by chilling damage under the combined stress of drought and chilling damage at the seedling stage of corn. On February 5, related research papers were published online in the journal Plant Physiology.

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Qingdao Agricultural University has made important progress in the research of plant drought tolerance mechanism
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Recently, Dr. Qiang Zhao from the College of Horticulture of Qingdao Agricultural University and his collaborators jointly published a research paper entitled”The AP2 transcription factor NtERF172 confers drought resistance by modifying NtCAT” online in Plant Biotechnology Journal (IF=6.84).

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