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Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau’s Safety Tips on Pseudomonas Coconut Venom
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Recently, the media reported that a family in a certain county in Heilongjiang ate”sour soup” for dinner and caused many deaths, which aroused widespread public concern. After epidemiological investigation and CDC sampling and inspection of the incident, a high concentration of rice yeast acid was detected in corn noodles, and also in the patient’s gastric juice. It was preliminarily identified as being contaminated by Pseudomonas Food poisoning incidents caused by yeast acid. In order to enable consumers to correctly understand and prevent Pseudomonas cocos food poisoning, Guizhou Provincial Market Supervision Bureau reminds the following.

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How much do you know about”Pseudomonas coco”?
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Recently, the media reported that 9 people in a county in Heilongjiang had food poisoning at home for dinner, 7 people have died and 2 people are still rescued. According to the investigation, they ate homemade”sour soup” together. According to expert analysis, they are not ruled out as coconut poison pseudomonas. Food poisoning caused by yeast subspecies.

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