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China Foods’ revenue of 11.22 billion yuan in the first half of the year, net profit increased by 33.2%year-on-year
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On August 24, China Foods (00506.HK), the major shareholder of COFCO Coca-Cola, announced its financial report as of June 30, 2021. Thanks to the effective control of the epidemic and the stable recovery of the consumer goods market, COFCO Coca-Cola achieved a new historical record of revenue breaking 10 billion in the first half of the year, with revenue reaching 11.22 billion yuan (unit:RMB, the same below), a year-on-year increase 19.3%. In addition, COFCO Coca-Cola achieved a net profit of 746 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year increase of 33.2%.

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Coca-Cola’s 2021 Q1 revenue grows 5%year-on-year, China’s performance is ahead of the same period in 2019
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On April 19, The Coca-Cola Company released its first quarter 2021 financial report. The financial report showed that Coca-Cola’s first-quarter revenue was US$9.02 billion, an increase of 5%year-on-year, exceeding market expectations of US$8.6 billion; operating profit increased by 14%year-on-year; earnings per share were US$0.55, higher than market expectations of US$0.50.

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The first Magic Claw production line in Southwest China was officially put into operation at COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Plant
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On the afternoon of January 21, the first Magic Claw production line in Southwest China was officially put into operation at the COFCO Coca-Cola Sichuan Plant. Qing Lijun, Secretary of the Party Committee and CEO of COFCO Coca-Cola, and Zhou Xiao, Deputy District Governor of Chengdu Xindu District People’s Government, attended the Sichuan Plant”Southwest Launching ceremony of the first magic claw production line.

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Coca-Cola China increases its size in the hot beverage market, and”Coca-Cola Ginger+” soda is launched
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Recently, the Coca-Cola Company has launched a hot beverage product specially developed for the Chinese market-“Coca-Cola Ginger+” soda, bringing Chinese consumers a warm winter beverage with a friendly taste and a unique experience. This is also Coca-Cola’s first hot-drinkable soda product in the world, breaking the consumer’s inherent impression of cold soda. At present,”Coca-Cola Ginger+” has been listed in Shandong, Liaoning, Hunan, Chongqing, Hebei, Sichuan and other places one after another. Consumers can buy new products in local supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants and other places.

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The Coca-Cola Company’s third-quarter revenue was 8.652 billion US dollars, and the CEO said that the Chinese market has returned to strong growth
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On October 22, US time, The Coca-Cola Company released its 2020 third quarter financial report. According to the financial report, the company’s third-quarter revenue was US$8.652 billion, an increase of 21%from the previous quarter, exceeding market expectations of US$8.34 billion; the net profit attributable to shareholders of the company reached US$1.737 billion, and operating profit was US$2.298 billion, an increase of 16%from the previous quarter; The stock return (non-general accounting principles) was US$0.55, exceeding market expectations of US$0.46.

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Coca-Cola’s 2020Q2 revenue is 7.150 billion US dollars, the performance of the Chinese market boosts single box sales
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On July 21st, US time, The Coca-Cola Company released its 2020 second quarter earnings report. The company’s revenue was US$7.150 billion; operating profit was US$1.981 billion; operating profit margin was 27.7%; earnings per share were US$0.41; net cash flow (non-GAAP) was US$2.3 billion. The Coca-Cola Company said that due to the greater uncertainty caused by the new crown epidemic, the company temporarily does not provide guidance on its annual performance.

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Beverage Industry News in August:The semi-annual reports of 9 beverage companies are released. A variety of new tea and juice products are launched
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In August, the following developments occurred in the beverage industry:9 semi-annual reports of beverage companies were released; a variety of new tea and juice products were launched; a number of companies cooperated or invested; Chengde Lulu withdrew the administrative lawsuit against the State Intellectual Property Office.

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