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Technical guidelines for potato production in autumn 2020
By: Date: 2020-09-15 Categories: foodtechnology Tags: ,

At present, it is the season of planting to the sprout growth period of the main potato producing areas in autumn. In view of the climatic characteristics and production situation this year, the potato expert guidance group of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, together with the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, put forward the 2020 autumn potato production technology guidance.

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Guiding Opinions of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Jiangxi Province on rushing to harvest and dry early rice after flood disasters, and strengthen the application of middle and late rice technologies to ensure a good harvest
By: Date: 2020-07-21 Categories: foodtechnology Tags: ,

Recently, parts of Jiangxi Province have suffered continuous heavy rains, and the province has experienced floods of varying degrees. In order to respond scientifically and effectively to disasters, reduce disaster losses, and ensure a bumper harvest throughout the year, the”Guiding Opinions on Doing a Good Job in Harvesting and Drying Early Rice After Flood Disasters, and Strengthening the Application of Middle and Late Rice Technology to Ensure Good Harvests”, all localities must always tighten food security This string is to strengthen the sense of responsibility and the overall situation, strengthen measures and implement them, based on flood prevention and disaster relief, and resolutely fight the battle against floods and harvest harvests.

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