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Seven local standards of the Alashan Desert Cistanche High-Quality Standard System passed the review
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On May 20, the Market Supervision Bureau of the Arab League organized a local standard review meeting for the Alashan Desert Cistanche High-Quality Standard System in Bayanhot. Experts from the Market Supervision Bureau of the Autonomous Region and the Autonomous Forestry and Grass Bureau attended the meeting for guidance. Alxa League, Alashan Relevant persons in charge of the Zuoqi two-level market supervision, forestry and grass, health and health departments attended the meeting.

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Reply of the Health Commission of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the implementation of the pilot work of Cistanche in Ordos City on the management of Cistanche as both a food and a traditional Chinese medicinal material (Neiwei Shiyao Zi [2021] No. 176)
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Ordos City Health Commission’s”Request for Reporting the Pilot Work Plan for the Management of Cistanche (Desert) in Ordos City” (E Weijian Zi [2021] No. 20) according to the tradition” (E Weijian Zi [2021] No. 20) as follows.

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Li Xiaobo’s group from the School of Pharmacy, Shanghai Jiaotong University published the latest research results on the antidepressant effects of Cistanche Tubula
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Recently, the internationally renowned journal Phytomedicine published online the latest research results of Professor Li Xiaobo’s group from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Pharmacy entitled”Total glycosides from stems of Cistanche tubulosa alleviate depression-like behaviors:bidirectional interaction of the phytochemicals and gut microbiota”. The study explained in detail the antidepressant medicinal substances and mechanism of Cistanche, in order to explain the traditional effects of Cistanche and to study the effects of Cistanche.

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