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The Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences reveals the mechanism of differences in heat tolerance of indica and japonica rice from the three-dimensional structure of chromatin
By: Date: 2021-04-06 Categories: foodtechnology Tags: ,

Recently, the crop stress tolerance regulation and improvement innovation team of the Institute of Biotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences revealed the difference mechanism of high temperature resistance between indica and japonica from the three-dimensional structure of chromatin, in order to study epigenetic regulation of important agronomic traits of crops and improve stress resistance Sex provides a new research perspective. Related research results were published in the international academic journal”BMC Biology” (BMC Biology).

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The polyploid team of Nanjing Agricultural University reveals the epigenetic regulation of soybean evolution and domestication
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This research integrates three-dimensional genome, chromatin accessibility, histone modification, DNA methylation and transcriptome, and provides an in-depth analysis of how the remodeling of three-dimensional genome structure synergistically expresses in the process of soybean polyploidization, duplication and artificial domestication. Observed genetic modification regulates gene expression and important agronomic traits.

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