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The team of academician Hu Peisong reveals the molecular mechanism of rice chloroplast development under low temperature stress
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Recently, the rice quality genetic improvement innovation team of the China National Rice Research Institute has clarified the molecular mechanism of PPR protein CDE4 in rice chloroplast development, especially maintaining the normal development of rice chloroplasts under low temperature stress conditions, and has an in-depth understanding of the biological functions and biological functions of PPR family proteins. The molecular mechanism of chloroplast development and regulation is of great significance. Relevant research results were published in”Journal of Integrative Plant Biology”.

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Progress in scientific and technological innovation:discovery of a new mechanism of rice P450 family genes regulating cell death
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On November 15, the Germplasm Innovation Research Group of China National Rice Research Institute published a research paper titled Disruption of EARLY LESION LEAF 1, encoding a cytochrome P450 monooxygenase, induces ROS accumulation and celldeath in rice online in The Plant Journal. Based on the analysis of cytology, physiology and transcriptomics, the study found that ELL1 affects the development and function of chloroplasts and plays a vital role in ROS-mediated cell death.

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