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“2021 Fast Food Industry Development Report”:”Fast Food Dinner” is becoming a popular trend in the fast food industry
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On June 21, at the 4th China Chain Catering Industry Development Conference and the 4th China Fast Food Industry Development Conference, the China Hotel Association and Dining View Big Data jointly released the”2021 Fast Food Industry Development Report”. The report pointed out that as fast food customers change their eating habits, consumption concepts, dining scenes and dining styles, my country’s fast food business is changing to a quality, multi-person, and diversified regionalization. The report analyzes the basic situation of the fast food industry, category distribution, regional differences, urban differences, and future trend prospects.

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2020 2nd Chinese Cuisine Industrial Processing Technology Exchange Seminar Grand Opening in Jinan
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On October 14, 2020, the”2020 2nd Chinese Cuisine Industrial Processing Technology Seminar” hosted by FoodPartner Network officially opened in Jinan·Boer International Hotel. Relevant technical personnel from food companies, catering companies, frozen preparations, condiments and other companies, catering product manufacturers, such as R&D, quality, and production, and experts and teachers from major universities and research institutes gathered to learn catering together Frontier technology of industrialization. The seminar is based on the purpose of”promoting the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and helping enterprises to innovate and upgrade”. Well-known industry senior experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs are invited to do a wonderful job for the participants in terms of industrial direction, new technology sharing, research and development ideas, policies and regulations, etc. Report.

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