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The team of Professor Anzhi Wei, College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University, has made new progress in the research on efficient utilization and protection of Zanthoxylum bungeanum germplasm
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Recently, the team of Professor Anzhi Wei from the College of Forestry published a research paper entitled”Genomic analysis reveals the genetic diversity, population structure, evolutionary history and relationships of Chinese pepper” online in the top journal Horticulture Research. This paper systematically studied the genetic diversity of Zanthoxylum bungeanum and Zanthoxylum bungei, the genetic relationship between varieties and the origin of cultivation, which is of great significance to the efficient utilization and protection of Zanthoxylum bungeanum germplasm resources.

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The research results of the School of Food Science and Technology of Sichuan Agricultural University analyze the bitterness components of Zanthoxylum bungeanum and its bitterness mechanism for the first time
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Recently, the international authoritative journal”FoodChemistry” in the field of food science (the first district of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, TOP journal, IF6.306) published an online publication titled”Identification of two bitter components” by the team of”Plant Source Food Development and Comprehensive Utilization of Resources” from the Food College of Sichuan Agricultural University. inZanthoxylum bungeanumMaxim. and exploration of their bitter taste mechanism through receptor hTAS2R14” (Identification of two bitter components in Zanthoxylum bungeanum and their through receptor hTAS2R

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