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Yantai City Food Safety Sampling Inspection Information Announcement Phase II
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In accordance with the”Food Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” and its implementation regulations and other relevant provisions and the arrangement of the Shandong Province Food Safety Supervision and Sampling Inspection Plan, in order to further ensure food safety, the Municipal Market Supervision Administration has issued 500 batches of catering food, edible agricultural products, and vegetable products. The products have undergone random inspections, among which 14 batches of unqualified products have a pass rate of 97.2%. The total amount of ethyl maltol, reducing sugars, and preservatives when they are used in combination, the sum of the proportions of their respective amounts to their maximum use, the residual amount of N-dimethylnitrosamine, aluminum (dry sample, calculated as Al), etc. , See the attachment for details of inspection.

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