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In 2021, Chile’s salmon production will be reduced by 7%, and its export volume will increase by 18%
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According to the statistics of Chilean salmon Association (CDS), Chile, as the world’s second largest exporter of salmon (Atlantic salmon), the annual export volume in 2021 was 723000 tons, a decrease of 7%over 2020; The export volume reached US $5.18 billion, an increase of 18.2%over the previous year.

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Chile lowered the estimated export volume of cherizi in this quarter, and China remains the largest buyer
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According to the second evaluation report on Chilean cherries export in 2021/2022 released by the association of Chilean fruit exporters (asoex), the export volume of cherries in this production season will increase by 2.6%compared with the previous quarter, equivalent to 72367963 cases (5kg/case), about 361840 tons, a decrease compared with the first evaluation (+ 9.8%) on November 10.

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