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[Experts from the Food Safety Committee have something to say] Is the dazzling array of”children’s food” really that magical? How to buy correctly?
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At present, in major shopping malls and supermarkets,”children’s food” counters can be seen everywhere. There are a variety of children’s foods in the counters, including children’s milk beverages, children’s soy sauce, children’s noodles, children’s meat floss, and children’s drinking water. Everything. Many parents are very concerned about whether”children’s food” is really a product specially developed for children. Is it safer than adult food?

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Inventory|Special regulatory requirements for children’s cosmetics in my country
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On May 31, the Cosmetics Supervision Department of the State Food and Drug Administration launched a survey on the safety of children’s cosmetics consumers. The survey answers have now been completed. The relevant information collected by the survey will provide an important basis for formulating policies and regulations related to the supervision and management of children’s cosmetics. The supervision of children’s cosmetics has attracted great attention from the national and local regulatory authorities. At present, special regulations on children’s cosmetics have not yet been issued. Children’s cosmetics need to comply with the”Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics” and other general regulatory requirements for cosmetics. However, due to the particularity of their use objects, the general regulations on cosmetics for children have made some special provisions Regulatory requirements, FoodPartner.com has summarized the current special regulatory requirements related to children’s cosmetics, so as to facilitate everyone to understand the regulatory requirements of children’s cosmetics.

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Keep safe and happy Children’s Day-Guangxi Consumer Council No. 3 Consumer Reminder in 2021
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The Children’s Day of”June 1st” is coming soon, and all kinds of children’s goods and services have become a hot spot for consumption. In response to the upcoming consumption peak, the Guangxi Consumer Rights Protection Committee issued a consumption reminder to remind parents and children to pay attention to safety when buying children’s products and playing in amusement parks. Consume scientifically and rationally, and live a safe, happy and healthy Children’s day.

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Beijing Mentougou District Market Supervision Bureau takes four steps to carry out special rectification of children’s cosmetics
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In order to implement the new version of the”Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics” and regulate the market order of the production and operation of children’s cosmetics, in accordance with the document requirements of the Municipal Bureau’s”Notice on Printing and Distributing Beijing Children’s Cosmetics Special Inspection Work Plan”, the Beijing Mentougou Market Supervision Bureau made careful arrangements and overall arrangements ,”Learning, thinking, checking, and comprehending” four steps to deepen the special rectification of children’s cosmetics.

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Suggestions from the Two Sessions | Leng Youbin, a representative of the National People’s Congress and Chairman of China Feihe, made suggestions on supply chain security and social support for child development
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At 9 am on March 5th, the Fourth Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress opened in the Great Hall of the People. Nearly 3,000 delegates gathered together to discuss the status of the country. Leng Youbin, a representative of the National People’s Congress and chairman of China Feihe, put forward the”Recommendations on Establishing a Supply Chain Security System in the Dairy Industry” and”Recommendations on Establishing a Social Support System for Children from 0 to 3 Years Old.”

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What is”Children’s Health Food”
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In recent years, the children-related product industry has developed rapidly. Many parents like to buy foods for their children, including some nutritional supplement products, to supplement their nutrition. Behind the growing popularity of”children’s food”, related negative public opinions continue to heat up, reflecting the unclear concept of children’s food in the industry and consumers’ doubts.

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