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Xi’an introduced rectification measures to strengthen campus food safety supervision
By: Date: 2020-09-08 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

A few days ago, the Xi’an Municipal Market Supervision Bureau issued a notice to strengthen the supervision of food safety in schools in the fall. By strengthening supervision and urging rectification and other methods, it focused on the renovation of schools (kindergarten institutions), surrounding catering service units and off-campus dining places for primary and secondary school students to effectively prevent And control the occurrence of food-borne diseases and food poisoning accidents, and ensure the safety of teachers and students on the tip of their tongues.

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Changchun Erdao Market Supervision Sub-bureau launches food safety inspections in the canteens of nursery and kindergarten institutions
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In order to effectively improve the food safety level of kindergarten institutions, effectively prevent and control the occurrence of food-borne diseases, and ensure the safety of children and teachers after the resumption of kindergarten institutions in the jurisdiction, since late July, the Food Institute of Changchun Erdao Market Supervision Branch has been intensively launched A 20-day special supervision and inspection of food safety in nursery and kindergarten canteens was conducted, and a comprehensive “physical examination” was carried out on 74 rehabilitated nursery and kindergarten canteens in the jurisdiction.

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