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Guide for the prevention and control of quality and safety risks in the whole process of commercial layer breeding
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In recent years, problems concerning the detection of antibiotics in eggs have frequently appeared, which has aroused great attention from the government and concerns of consumers. In response to this problem, with the support of the livestock and poultry product quality and safety risk assessment project of the Department of Agricultural Product Quality and Safety Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Livestock and Poultry Product Quality and Safety Risk Assessment Laboratory (Nanchang) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs took the lead in organizing relevant units to conduct the entire process of layer breeding A risk assessment was carried out, and the key control points affecting the quality and safety of egg products were identified as site selection, introduction, disease control, feed and feed additives and drug residue control. The egg product quality and safety risk prevention and control measures were proposed for the laying hen industry. Provide technical support for healthy development.

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