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“Chaozhou Beef Hot Pot” standard passed review
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In order to implement the spirit of the”Chaozhou Cuisine Master Project Implementation Opinions” of the Municipal Party Committee and Government, on February 24, the Chaozhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau took the lead in convening the”Chaozhou Cuisine Chaozhou Beef Hot Pot” group standard review meeting at the Guantang Town Government. Lai Weiping, Chief Engineer of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Chaozhou Cooking Association, Hanshan Normal University, Chaozhou Food Inspection Center, Chaozhou Brothers Catering Management Co., Ltd., Chaozhou Youjian Catering Service Co., Ltd. and other unit representatives and Hou Xiaodong, Fang Shuguang, Chen Junsheng, etc. Experts attended the meeting.

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Guangdong notifies 17 batches of unqualified foods, and over 60%detected microbial contamination
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On July 3, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration notified that the Bureau organized random inspections of grain processed products, condiments, meat products, beverages, convenience foods, quick-frozen foods, tea and related products, vegetable products, sugar, starch and starch products and There are 928 batches of samples of 11 kinds of foods such as edible oil, oil and fat products Among them, 911 batches of qualified samples and 17 batches of unqualified samples were detected in the sampling inspection project, and problems of microbial contamination and over-use and over-use of food additives were detected.

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