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Chaoyang City Market Supervision Bureau’s special enforcement action against counterfeit and substandard food in rural areas has achieved initial results
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According to the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and other five departments forwarding the”Notice of the General Office of the State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration on Jointly Carrying out Special Enforcement Actions on Rural Counterfeit and Substandard Foods” (Liaoning Supervision Lian [2020] No. 35), Chaoyang Market The Supervision Bureau immediately organized the implementation and issued the”Notice on the Special Enforcement of Counterfeit and Substandard Food in Rural Areas”. The Chaoyang Market Supervision Bureau led the implementation of the”Special Law Enforcement on Counterfeit and Substandard Food in Rural Areas in Chaoyang City in conjunction with the five departments including the Municipal Bureau of Commerce. The Action Implementation Plan actively carried out a special law enforcement action on counterfeit and shoddy food in rural areas, and achieved initial results.

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