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Zhejiang Changxing investigated and handled the first administrative detention case in violation of the Food Safety Law
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Recently, the Changxing County Market Supervision Administration and the County Public Security Bureau investigated and dealt with the illegal act of the operator Xu in selling unquarantined duck meat, in accordance with Article 123, paragraph 1, item (4) of the Food Safety Law According to the regulations, the case has been transferred to the public security, and the party Xu has been given a five-day penalty decision on administrative detention. This case is the first case of administrative detention in the city for violating the Food Safety Law.

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Zhejiang Police Detected Extra Large Case of Producing and Selling Counterfeit Wine Involved in Over 12 million Yuan
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The reporter was informed on the 25th that the Public Security Bureau of Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province successfully detected a large-scale counterfeit wine production and sale case and arrested 20 suspects for the production and sales of counterfeit wine, involving more than 12 million yuan (RMB).

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