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Pingxiang City makes every effort to build a demonstration and processing zone for the production of small food workshops in Changping Township
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Changping Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City is the home of Pingxiang’s century-old traditional handmade mooncakes. However, due to many factors, the phenomenon of”small, scattered and chaotic” in Changping”old mooncake” workshops exists to varying degrees. In order to protect the inheritance and development of traditional crafts and promote the high-quality development of the traditional specialty food industry, in accordance with the requirements of the”Three-year Promotion Plan for Jiangxi Food Production and Processing Workshops”, the Pingxiang Municipal Market Supervision Administration has made every effort to build the mooncake industry in Changping Township into Pingxiang The first demonstration processing zone for small food workshops gradually guides the development of small local food workshops towards standardization and intensive development.

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