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[import and export food safety] how to buy cereal auxiliary food for infants and young children?
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Supplementary food is an auxiliary source for infants to obtain the required nutrients. With the change of parenting concept, consumers’ demand for high-quality products is on the rise, and the market of infant supplementary food products is booming day by day. So how to buy high-quality cereal supplementary food products for infants and young children? Now listen to Xiao Bian.

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The center of molecular plant excellence, Chinese Academy of Sciences has made progress in the study of the mechanism of Fusarium graminearum infection on wheat
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On December 1, Tang Weihua, a researcher of the center for excellence and innovation in Molecular Plant Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Liu Wen, a researcher of the Shanghai Institute of organic chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, jointly published a research paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, comprehensively using research methods such as cytobiology, metabolic analysis and transcriptome analysis to deeply analyze Fusarium graminearum fg3_ A new pathogenic factor of wheat scab, Fusarium B, was found and identified.

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How much do you know about whole grain foods
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With the development of economy and culture, people have gradually realized the nutritional status of whole grains and their importance in terms of health. According to the Chinese Consumers’ Whole Grain Awareness Report (2021), although most consumers believe that whole grains are Refined grains are more nutritious and healthier, but the public still has many misunderstandings about whole grains, and three-quarters of consumers do not know what whole grains are. So what exactly are whole grains and whole grain foods? What are the standards for whole grain foods? How should consumers identify whole grain foods? The Food Partner Network has been summarized and sorted out to answer you one by one.

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Announcement of the Chinese Nutrition Society on the issuance of 3 group standards including the Nutrition Guidelines for Weight Management of School-age Children
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According to the”Chinese Nutrition Society Group Standards Management Measures”, the Chinese Nutrition Society Regulations and Standards Working Committee organized the review, approved the”School-age Children Weight Management Nutrition Guidelines” (T/CNSS 011-2021),”Whole Grain and Whole Grain Food Judgment and The three group standards of General Rules for Identification (T/CNSS 008-2021) and the “Management Regulations for the Construction of Healthy Canteens” (T/CNSS 012-2021) are now being released, and the standards will be officially implemented on July 1, 2021.

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