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Food Safety Awareness Week | Interpretation of the Food Import Access Policy of Central and Eastern European Countries
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Based on the current status of my country’s import food customs supervision policy, the relevant policies of Central and Eastern European countries’ food import access to China will be interpreted, and the relevant concepts, procedures and current status of food access will be introduced in detail.

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The Chinese market has become a new growth point for exports of agricultural products from Central and Eastern Europe
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From Bulgarian yogurt, Greek olive oil, Polish milk, Czech beer, Hungarian wine”Tokaj”, the agricultural products of Central and Eastern European countries continue to enter the families of Chinese people, enriching people’s tables, and becoming an understanding of Central and Eastern Europe. A window of country style. Affected by natural conditions and historical factors, Central and Eastern European countries are particularly dependent on agricultural development. Agricultural product trade occupies a prominent position in the cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries, and agriculture is also one of the key areas of cooperation between the two sides.

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