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A cytokinin signaling pathway was found to regulate rice grain size
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Chu Chengcai research group, researcher of Institute of genetics and developmental biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Jinsong/Chen Shouyi research group and Tong Hongning research group, researcher of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, found that ppkl1, which controls grain size, is a new component of cytokinin signal, and the d364 site of ppkl1 induces the phosphate group on cytokinin phosphate transfer protein ahp2, It decreased the phosphate relay efficiency from ahp2 to cytokinin response factor rr21 protein and inhibited rice grain development.

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Plant Physiology—Xue Hongwei’s research group reveals a new mechanism by which casein kinase CK1s is involved in regulating plant cell division
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Recently, the research group of Professor Xue Hongwei from the School of Agriculture and Biology of Shanghai Jiaotong University published a research paper on Plant Physiology. The study found that plant-specific CK1, AELs (Arabidopsis EL1-like), through phosphorylation of the key negative regulator of the cell cycle Kip-Related Protein 6 (KRP6) and regulation of its stability, and then regulate cell division, is the plant cell cycle Regulation research provides new ideas.

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