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Weinan Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau held a city-wide online catering service third-party platform meeting
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In order to effectively strengthen the supervision of food safety in online catering services in the city, the Weinan TV station’s”People Asking Politics” column on the evening of August 11 exposed some counties (cities, districts) that provide takeaway food and beverage outlets, such as dirty and poor hygiene, August 13 , Weinan City Market Supervision Bureau held a city-wide online catering service third-party platform meeting. Gao Zhongyi, a member of the party group and deputy director of the Weinan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, attended the meeting. More than 20 people, including Ele.me, the third-party online catering service platform in twelve counties and cities, and the main person in charge of Meituan attended the meeting.

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Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau comprehensively launches activities to improve catering quality and safety
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In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of General Secretary Jin Ping’s important speech during his inspection in Qinghai, to meet the people’s increasing demand for food and beverage consumption, and to ensure “safety on the tip of the tongue”, the Qinghai Provincial Market Supervision Bureau focuses on party history learning and education to implement the “four To comply with the strictest”,”smart management” as a breakthrough,”classified supervision” as the guide, adhere to the principles of problem-oriented, scientific supervision, and pragmatic effectiveness, continue to improve the construction of long-term mechanisms, and strive to solve the key and difficult problems of catering services. Effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.

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Opinion drafts of three local standards for catering services in Beijing open to the public for comments
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On September 30, the Beijing Municipal Administration of Market Supervision stated that there were three places organized and formulated by the Bureau:”Regulations for the Layout of Catering Service Units”,”Regulations for the Use of Catering Appliances in Catering Service Units”, and”Regulations for Health Management of Employees in Catering Service Units” The draft of the standard will be opened for public comments on its official website today.

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Announcement of the Jilin Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Department on the Quantified and Hierarchical Management of Food Safety Risks in Catering Services
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The Market Supervision and Administration Department of Jilin Province, in accordance with the instructions of Changchun City, Jilin City and other market supervision administrations on the acceptance of A-level units, respectively selected 1 catering service food safety inspector from Liaoyuan City, Hunchun City, and Jiaohe City to establish acceptance inspections group. In accordance with the”Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of the Quantitative and Hierarchical Management of Catering Service Risks” (Jishijianyingzi [2019] No. 202), on-site inspections of 17 group meal delivery units that have declared to be promoted to A-level are carried out, and the acceptance after examination:Fifteen catering service units including Jilin City Kylin Kitchen Catering Service Co., Ltd. are Class A units for the quantitative management of food safety risk in catering services.

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