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Icelandic catches in October 2021 were worth 13.7 billion Icelandic kroner
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According to the data of statistics Iceland on January 7, the fishing value of Iceland in October 2021 was 13.7 billion Icelandic kroner (about US $105 million), a year-on-year increase of 8%. From November 2020 to October 2021, the total catch value was 153.9 billion Icelandic kroner (about US $1.184 billion), an increase of 4%month on month.

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The catch of saury in Japan decreased again
By: Date: 2021-12-15 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,

According to the news from seafood media on December 9, Japan’s saury fishing season has ended, and last year’s catch was the lowest in history. At the end of July to November this year, the catch of saury was 16643 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 36%. The catch in July was zero. In the four months from August to November, the catch was less than the expected 20000 tons.

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Three measures of Zhangjiajie City to promote the special rectification of the”Yangtze River ban on arrests and break the chain” to achieve results
By: Date: 2021-06-26 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

In order to strictly implement the”Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of the Yangtze River”, Zhangjiajie City started from the three aspects of strengthening organization and leadership, increasing publicity, and severely investigating illegal acts, and carried out the special action of”banning arrests and breaking the chain of the Yangtze River” to effectively protect the Yangtze River basin in the city. The ecological environment and fishery resources of key waters.

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Chifeng City Market Supervision Bureau launches a special action of”banning arrests in the Yangtze River, breaking the chain of illegal activities”
By: Date: 2021-04-13 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

In order to implement the requirements of the State Administration for Market Supervision and the Autonomous Region Market Supervision Bureau for combating illegal fishing catches in the Yangtze River Basin on the market, we fully understand the significance of the state’s “10-year ban on fishing” policy in the Yangtze River Basin. Recently, the Chifeng City Market Supervision Bureau launched a special action of”Yangtze River Banning and Unbreaking the Chain”. By focusing on the market sales of illegally caught fish in the Yangtze River, it resolutely cut off the market and sales industry of illegally caught fish Chain, standardize the market order, and purify the market environment.

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Argentine seafood catches at the beginning of this year were lower than the same period last year
By: Date: 2021-03-29 Categories: Internationalfood Tags: ,

News from Seafood Media on March 25. As of the official record on February 28, Argentina’s seafood catch was 124,885 tons, which was lower than the same period in 2020. Among them, the Argentine cod catch decreased from 31,000 tons to 24,000 tons. A decrease of 23%; shrimp catches were 31,000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 21%; squid fishing was better than the same period last year, with catches of 51,000 tons, an increase of 5%year-on-year.

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Yiyang City Datong Lake District Market Supervision Bureau again reads the”tightening curse” of ban on arrest and withdrawal of arrest
By: Date: 2021-02-08 Categories: chinesefood Tags: ,

“The sale of wild fish is completely banned, and the words’wild’ and’Jiangxian’ are strictly prohibited.” On February 4, the Market Supervision Bureau of Datong Lake District, Yiyang City interviewed 7 market operators and signed a letter of commitment to prohibit the sale of wild fish.

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