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In the 2020/21 harvest season, Tanzanian cashew nut production is expected to reach 278,000 tons
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Tanzania’s mainstream media”Citizen” reported on November 11 that as of mid-November 2020, the amount of cashews sold in Tanzania has doubled over the same period last year. Tanzania has conducted 5 rounds of auctions this year, with a total of more than 100,000 tons of cashews sold. Cashew farmers in Tanzania received a total of 242.737 billion Tanshillings (about 105 million US dollars).

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Tanzanian government develops plan to increase cashew nut production
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Tanzania’s mainstream media “Citizen” reported on July 13 that the Tanzanian Minister of Agriculture recently said that cashew nuts are agricultural products with export value in Tanzania, but the output has declined year by year in the past five years. In order to increase the output of cashew nuts, the government has formulated a series of revitalization plans, including the establishment of a special agricultural assistance fund, the increase of the funds of the Tanzania Cashew Nut Committee and the Agricultural Research Institute, the expansion of the number of employees, and the development of online trade. He said that through the implementation of the plan, the output of Tanzanian cashews will rise year by year and reach the target of 1 million tons in the next five years.

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