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Professor Zheng Jiarong’s team of Shenzhen University published a paper on the development and functional evaluation of a new nanofiber liposome targeting colon delivery of cyanidin-3-o-glucoside at food research international
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Recently, Professor Zheng Jiarong’s team of higher Research Institute of Shenzhen University published a research article entitled”development and evaluation of a novel nanofiber solution for enhancing the stability, in vitro bioaccessibility, and colonial delivery of cyanidin-3-o-glucoside” on Food Research International (if:6.475, zone I, Chinese Academy of Sciences).

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“Gastroenterology” publishes major research results of the animal nutrition and healthy breeding innovation team
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On March 4,”Gastroenterology” published an online report entitled”Fecal Mycobiota Combined with Host Immune Factors Distinguish Clostridioidesdifficile Infection from Asymptomatic Carriage”, which was completed by the Animal Nutrition and Healthy Breeding Innovation Team of the School of Animal Science and Technology of Northwest A&F University and Harvard Medical School in the United States. paper. Associate Professor Cao Yangchun from the School of Animal Science and Technology, Dr. Lamei Wang from the School of Life Sciences and Dr. Shanlin Ke from Harvard Medical School are the co-first authors of the paper.

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